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CBD- What do you know?

What Parents Should Know About Kids Using CBD THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the most well-known component of marijuana, the one that “gets you high,” so to speak. But have you heard...

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Sick as My Secrets Patricia L. Brooks  Sick as My Secrets is a powerful, compassionate, moving memoir told by a strong and honest woman who overcame a desperate need for...

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Suport and Events

Professional EventsOCT. 16—PCS Networking Luncheon,12:15 -1:30 pm. 3302 N. MillerRoad, Scottsdale. Jacquee Nickerson, 480-947-5739, E:[email protected] Nov.4 —Arizona Psychodrama Institute Full Day of Basics — ($99 per session). API offers “Basics...

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