In 1991 the first issue of Recovering Together was published as a source to provide comprehensive and cutting edge information on recovery, treatment and prevention for addiction recovery and behavioral health. Today, as Together AZ, we continue to be a valuable source of information that anyone can access for a better way of life. Barbara Brown’s vision of providing assistance and information to the still suffering alcoholic, drug addict and mentally ill shines stronger today then ever. The goal is to help as many people as possible recover from substance abuse addiction and other behavioral health issues. Through our vast network of quality treatment providers, mental health facilities, sober living homes, self help groups and licensed mental health therapists, we strive in providing the best treatment options in Arizona and Nationwide.

Call our help line 24 hours a day for any question you may have or if you need a referral to get yourself or a loved one in treatment:

24/7 Helpline – 866-578-4947

Each issue as well as our website is filled with educational articles on personal growth, self discovery, and spirituality to meet the needs of the ever growing addiction recovery community. Together AZ is not affiliated with any particular 12-Step program or organization, though we encourage the ones advertised and marketed on this website. One essential ingredient of recovery is knowing you are not on this journey alone.

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Join us each month as we continue the mission to “Inspire Success on the Road to Recovery.”