In 1991 when our first issue was published, discussions about addiction, alcoholism and behavioral health problems were not openly talked about. The stigma associated with alcohol and drug use prevented many people from seeking help, and they suffered in silence.

It is important to raise awareness about addiction and alcoholism and to provide support for those who are struggling. Together AZ is working to help people find the resources they need to recover.

Through our network of trusted treatment providers, mental health agencies, 12 step and other supportive groups, licensed mental health therapists and counselors, we strive to offer quality and useful information for readers to have at hand when and if the need arises.

Our goal is to help our community members, friends and families find recovery options, the right provider or agency and offer them hope.

An essential element of recovery is knowing that you are not alone on this journey. The treatment and recovery programs we partner with are many of the most experienced, dedicated and trusted in Arizona.

Join us each month as we continue our mission to “Inspire Success on the Road to Recovery.”

Our publisher, Barbara Brown, has been in recovery for 33 years and remains dedicated to her mission of being a beacon of hope. Together AZ is real recovery for real people.

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Together AZ is not affiliated with any particular 12-Step program or organization.