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The physical Together AZ newspaper is available at all treatment facilities, out-patient facilities, counseling and therapy offices, government agencies, behavioral health centers, bookstores, coffee houses, universities and colleges, fellowship clubs, hospitals, health food stores, community networking events and wherever free publications are found, in AZ. Together AZ is the ONLY recovery / addiction newspaper and recovery information website in Arizona. The newsletter has 9,000 subscribers, comprised of treatment center owners and CEO’s, marketing directors, health care organizations, therapists, Dr’s and many local and national business owners who support !


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Six months:         $2,500
One Year:             $4,700
Includes Featured Treatment Center and Treatment Center of the Month ads (rotated weekly, a digital ad on every page of the website and a 1/8 page print ad in Together AZ monthly.

Newspaper Publishing Information:    Monthly: Distribution statewide by the 11th of every month. Want to receive the newspaper at your place of business? Contact Barb !

Deadlines: Space reservations 20th of the month previous to publication.

Copy/Art: Ads and copy due by 20th of the month. Artwork to be supplied in pdf, jpg or tif format. Color 4C, no panton.

Flyer/Brochure Distribution: $225/item

For over 26 years Together AZ has published a free monthly publication dedicated to providing the community the latest cutting edge information on addiction recovery, treatment and prevention. Each issue is filled with valuable insights and tools you can use on relationships, personal growth, self discovery, spirituality and resources for the entire family and our community.

Contact Information:

Barbara Nicholson-Brown

E: [email protected]

Together AZ is published by
Recovery Together Enterprises, LLC.
10105 E. Via Linda
Suite A103-387
Scottsdale, AZ 85258

Together AZ  believes every family has the potential for recovery, and a better way of life. Join us in spreading the word of recovery!

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1/16 265 215 165 5 w x 2.25 h
BIZ Card 105 85 75 5 w x 1.75 h

New advertisers, first month payment due with contract.