Spotlight on Dr. Beverly Wohlert

CEO, Arizona Women’s Recovery Center


Given the variety of programs AWRC provides, how rewarding is it to witness the growth of the women you serve?

I am nearing the end of my second decade working for AWRC, and longer in the behavioral health field. I will never run out of reasons to be inspired by seeing a woman who was once homeless, broken, and helpless— transition into a proud, independent, and healthy person. As a foster and adoptive parent, I’ve personally and professionally witnessed how critical it is for children to reunite with a healthy and stable biological parent. Watching our women trust, love, and commit to sobriety, overcome tragedy and suffering has inspired me to want to be a better person, stronger woman, and better mom. I’m humbled to have had made an impact in one small way or another in our clients lives, and grateful to be part of their journey. Our work can be challenging, but each day I am rewarded and fulfilled by this opportunity.


Who can attend the family program?

We work to address the needs of not only our clients, but to find services for their children. We offer family sessions as needed to families of clients and hope to build upon this program in the future. We plan on hosting many supportive programs, to include PAL or Parents of Addicted Loved One’s at our newest Westside location this fall.


AWRC accepts pregnant and women with children. Are there age restrictions for kids? How are they cared for while mom is in sessions and programs?

AWRC accepts any client 18 years or older who identifies as female. We have specialized programs that focus on pregnant and parenting women. We do not have a strict policy or restriction regarding the ages of children a mom can bring into our housing program. While the moms are in treatment their children attend school, daycare, or summer camp.


What are the different homes and who qualifies to live at AWRC?

Arizona Women’s Recovery Center (AWRC) provides outpatient substance use treatment to women 18 years and older. In addition to our outpatient program, we have six supportive housing programs to include:

Weldon House: For women with their children.

Sally’s Place: For pregnant and recent post-partum women and their infants.

Legacy House and HER House: For single women without children in their care.

Terry’s Place: Step-down program for coparenting women and their children.

Thelma’s Place: Mixed program for women with and without children preparing for the final transition into independence.


A westside location is the AWRC’s future, will this be an IOP? 

AWRC West will be a standard outpatient substance use program, and provide DUI Education and Programming. This location will be the hub for many support and 12-steps groups, as well as our Women’s Alumni Network (WAN).


AWRC has many inspiring examples of women finding lasting recovery. Share a success story reflecting the impact of the program.

There are endless success stories that have come through the doors of AWRC. These stories are what has kept me fighting the good fight for nearly 20 years. I see the successes each day from the growth of our present clients to our staff in recovery — and the most precious… are the children who I have been able to see grow up that no longer, or maybe even never knew their mom as an addict, because they are living a stable and happy life. However, with the present rise of fentanyl use and overdose on our streets, it’s important to note that each day a woman walks through our door and chooses to fight through their addiction rather than let their disease beat them—we can celebrate a success.


How can our readers and the community get involved? 

When considering the business impact of AWRC, we provide housing and support to women AND their children. However, we are funded specifically, just for the woman. Therefore, we might be providing shelter, food, and clothing to a family of five, but essentially we are only receiving funding for the mother. We are always in need of basic household needs and necessities to include clothing, toys, diapers, appliances, and furniture.

And while Christmas is still five months away, we are always in need of presents for our children, more specifically older children, such as make-up, watches, headphones, and gift cards.

Monetary donations are always appreciated and can be made directly through our webpage at

We’re also grateful to be chosen to receive proceeds from the annual Bill Brown Memorial Golf Tournament, Tee it up for the Kids, September 20th. Consider becoming a sponsor or getting a foursome to participate!

I want to thank Together AZ for choosing to cover Arizona Women’s Recovery Center and myself. I would like to tribute this article to one of the most beautiful humans I have ever met who should be credited for building AWRC to what it is today. We lost one of the world’s most beautiful souls, Thelma Ross on Monday, June 10, 2024. Thelma was the previous CEO of AWRC and driving force behind most of our programs. Thelma’s vision to support women through treatment while keeping their children with them has been life altering for many families. Thelma was a champion for families in recovery, a dynamic therapist and visionary, and a friend and mother to so many in our community. I want to thank her for taking a chance on a novice master’s level intern 20 years ago and entrusting me with the opportunity to carry the torch of service for those who need us most in our community. Thelma you will be missed and forever remembered.