Inspiring Success on the Road to Recovery


The More You Know

The More You Know   Reporting Suspicious Activities AHCCCS reminds enrolled members and the public to report any suspicious activity where health care or residential services, and transportation to these...

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Happy Hearts Day!

By Dr. Dina Evan   Happy Hearts Day! The jewelry stores have bumped up prices and department stores have brought out their bestselling perfumes, and every department has gone back...

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Why Teens Manipulate

Why Teens Manipulate It’s easy to think of young people, particularly teenagers, as being manipulative. Teens are known for behaviors like emotional blackmailing, guilt-tripping, playing the victim, and telling white...

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Reframing Self-Love

Reframing Self-Love   Is self-love selfish or selfless? This is a question many will interpret the answer to differently based on their upbringing and experiences in life, but for those...

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Demystifying Detox

By Steve Carleton, LCSW, CACIII Executive Clinical Director, Gallus Medical Detox Centers   “You have to go home and get sicker to get treatment for your withdrawals.”     For...

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We Can Do It!

By Dina Evan, PhD   Thank heavens, we are leaving a year of drama, chaos, crime, violence, earthquakes, lava spills, world-wide massive demonstrations, wars, outrageous rising prices, epidemics, floods, the...

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