Publisher’s Note:

Finding Freedom in Surrender

By Barbara Nicholson-Brown  [email protected]


Here’s the brutal truth about addiction— it’s the opposite of freedom. I didn’t drink because I wanted to; I drank because I had to. All of the “I’ll stop tomorrow” promises made to friends and family were meaningless. The cycle of cravings, blackouts, and consequences just kept rolling in until the bottom hit. That was the worst and best day of my life — all in one.


How free do you want to be?

Getting sober offered me a freedom I didn’t know existed. It’s the freedom many addicts and alcoholics find in recovery. It’s not white-knuckling sobriety, it’s about admitting I can’t do this alone, that I need help. It’s about seeking guidance when my mind wants to sabotage me. It’s about surrounding myself with people who understand the struggle, who hold me accountable to stay honest and real.

This path isn’t always easy. There will be triumphs and defeats, good days and bad. But in surrendering to the process, a new kind of freedom emerges. It’s the freedom to learn from the past, stay present, and embrace the journey, one day at a time.


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