Publisher’s Note: Grateful a day at a time

Living one day at a time isn’t just a motto, it’s my lifeline. When I rush ahead, my mind creates storms that don’t exist. Taking a breath and a quiet moment is where I find peace. It isn’t healthy to leap ahead  and staying in the moment is a constant practice. My sobriety journey is a paradox. The more I learn, the more humble I become. It’s this humility that fuels my dedication to remaining present, appreciating the simple gifts each day offers.

From the life I led, to the life I lead today — is day and night. Today I can reach out to friends and be vulnerable, real and completely honest. I’m given space to share my hopes, dreams, and fears without judgment.

On December 1st, at the Sierra Tucson Gratitude for Giving Celebration, it was an honor to receive the lifetime achievement award for my work with this newspaper and our annual recovery event. Each month I have this platform to get the message out that recovery is possible. We have extraordinary resources in Arizona who are dedicated to supporting and guiding you and your loved ones on the journey of recovery.

With Sierra Tucson Leadership

May January bless you with health, hope and joy. As we begin another year, I’m grateful for the opportunity of sharing resources and stories to ignite recovery, nurture well-being, and empower us all to walk this path together. Thank you for reading!

January 11th – Human Trafficking Awareness Day