Was It Ever Fun?


As I’m working on finalizing this edition it suddenly hit me — on June 17th I will celebrate 34 years of continuous sobriety. Wow! And I never thought I would be able to go a day without a drink.

The fun stopped long before I put the bottle down. Thinking back, even the first time I drank there were consequences. I remember getting extremely sick, in “lots of trouble” at home, being grounded —and shamed for what I had done.

For whatever reason I drank, every reason was wrong. I’m not someone who can take a sip here and there and leave a glass (or bottle) alone until it’s empty. It was all or nothing. Filled with alcohol I became a sloppy, loud, obnoxious drunk.

By the grace of God, divine intervention, and a push from my sister (who I believe was the catalyst for me to surrender) I admitted out loud I needed help.  I never stop counting my blessings. I start my day with gratitude, and ask how to be of service to others. I accept and trust a power much greater than I can even imagine. And it works. What could be better than that?


Thank you to all our contributors to this issue as we showcase Pride Month, the Aris Foundation, and recovery in all forms.


A special to welcome to Montare Behavioral Health!