A Dose of Inspiration

Whether you’re navigating the challenges of life on life’s terms, aging, parenthood, leveling up in life, or simply in need of a dose of inspiration and gratitude, the Real God Shots 365 podcast is for YOU!


What is Real God Shots?

RGS365 is a playful, and love filled weekly conversation podcast. The subtitle of the podcast is “inspiration for loving action.” In there lies the mission statement.


Sharing the A-HA Moments

A weekly guest shares their own AH-HA moments, how they have turned breakdowns into breakthroughs, and the different tools and practices they use on a daily basis to inspire themselves and others.

The podcast is creating loving action towards one’s self, with others, and within our communities. Ultimately, each episode moves, touches, and inspires the listener.

The podcast is hosted by Tim Broderick; a longtime member of the Arizona recovery community. The creation of the podcast itself was the result of an inspirational ah-ha moment early one morning before dawn.

As Tim journeyed through his diminishing eyesight challenges and was out walking one morning, out of nowhere he heard the word “PODCAST”. He had never listened to a podcast, and didn’t really know much of what a podcast was exactly.

He knew the thought/sound/voice that delivered the word “PODCAST” was not of his own design or making. He was familiar from years of practice with the principle of aligning with Source and seeking the ability to accept and carry out direction from Source.

The journey to learn all about podcasting began that day, as well as goals and plans set in place for the creation of Real God Shots 365.

The Real God Shots 365 podcast project has evolved into a community of people taking part in one another’s lives via in person events and gatherings, championing the greatness of each of us. People from all walks of life and all backgrounds are coming together via the website, social media, and more.

A recent listener emailed saying, “Thank you for this work. I recently had an emotional outburst that I was taking out on my friend. The next morning I heard your guest talking about if an emotional reaction is greater than a four on a ten point scale, then it probably has something to do with one’s history and not the present. I had a moment of clarity and realized most everything that was said to my friend had nothing to do with the moment and everything to do with some stuff from my past. I’m currently revisiting some work in that area…..”

The team that makes Real God Shots 365 possible is passionate and have an unwavering commitment to making the world a better place.

People from all walks of life are invited to be guest on the podcast as well as taking part in other RGS365 groups and events with the intention of creating a positive and uplifting space.

You may recognize some previous guests; Patricia Anderson episode #6, Joel Whiteside episode #8, and Ken Richardson episode #11.

As RGS365 approaches episode #40 there is the hope and intention to have Barbara Brown; the matriarch of Together AZ, as a guest very soon. If you know of someone that would benefit from being a guest and/or will inspire others with their way of being please alert the team so arrangements can be made.

New episodes air each Sunday on most all podcast platforms. The RGS365 community is also available via the website, realgodshots365.com, Facebook, and Instagram.


Listen, enjoy, and most of all be an inspiration for loving action.