Choose Gratitude

By Dr. Dina Evan


This time of year we are reminded to be enormously grateful. However,

we may be looking like deer in headlights, wondering what is coming next. Is it more financial insecurity, fewer jobs, more violence, more illness, shootings, crime, fraud or lies? We have a potpourri of what feels like worries and looming catastrophes to choose from. Is there any surprise we are worried, exhausted and on sensory overload?

Many feel as if our families are missing in action because they are overwhelmed and can’t take on another single thing. This adds to their feelings of overload and guilt for not showing up, avoiding contact and not being able clear what is on their plate. What are we to do? In many of my columns you have read my favorite most powerful question… “What is this here to teach me?”


No healing can begin without the bravery to ask that question.


The answer is not so difficult

We have to get real and honest with ourselves. We have to be thankful we have a voice with which to speak up, and a brain with which to select candidates who are truthful and unwilling to compromise our human inalienable rights. We need to get thankful we have values and compassion, consciousness and truth to speak up, stand up and do something, even if it is something small — because a hundred small somethings create something big. We can talk about our values and beliefs and share awareness with those who seek to know and learn.

Many people have difficulty feeling metaphysical beliefs have any value. But did you know science has proven how powerful they are and how powerfully they work?

Every time you have a negative thought or belief come up in your mind if you repeat aloud or silently any one of these three words, three times, it tells your mind/brain not to retain that thought or feeling and it stops empowering it with energy. The words are delete/delete, or erase/erase, or cancel/cancel. Choose any one of these words and start using it.You will discover that negative thought arises less — if at all. In doing so you stop adding to the fear out there and inside of your own brain.


Instead, start adding energy to what you want with statements like:

  • Abundance and prosperity flow to me freely
  • My body is experiencing only health and wellness
  • Only loving energy can have any effect on me in any way
  • Only peace thrives on this planet
  • My family is safe and connected in compassion


Every fear you neutralize, and with every good feeling you empower, you are healing yourself, those around you and the planet. Right now we are stuck in fear, but the thing we can be most grateful for this Thanksgiving is that we don’t have to be. We can take our power back and begin creating what we want without giving the responsibility to someone else, regardless of who they are, or what position they hold.

What might happen if we decided to be so grateful that for us, ethnicity, gender, color, sexual choices, or any difference simply does not matter at all and we will show love and acceptance to everyone. No one, elected or not, could control us regardless of who they are. We would be more energized and we could stop being afraid to feel. We could walk barefoot in our grass and be grateful for the lawn. We can be grateful that by every smile and hand up, every value you share that you are walking and living on purpose and doing what you came here to do. That is a lot to be grateful for!


Dr. Evan is a marriage, family, child therapist and consciousness counselor. She has presented nationwide seminars and workshops, written several books and created meditation CDs for couples, individual and mental health professionals.  602-571-8228.