Freedom and Independence

By Barbara Nicholson-Brown


Stepping into sobriety did not feel like freedom or independence in the beginning weeks and months. Somehow I felt trapped, my mind was playing tricks, the fog had not lifted and this dis-ease I have really wanted me back in its grips. That is not freedom.


Like many in early recovery I was confused, scared and had tons of questions. What would life be like sober? Would I ever have fun again? Will not drinking and using be boring? My years in recovery have been anything but boring. Yes there is fun and laughter, and there are ups and downs, but overall it is a more fulfilling and meaningful life……because this is living life in full.


I was never free “out there”. I was bound to the bottle, the last drop, and last line. I was not independent either. More like dependent on the drug dealer, bartenders, and few friends who would associate with me. It was a sad existence. Surrendering is freedom, and being independent does not mean I’m an island. Because I cannot do this alone. I’m so grateful to all who lead the way.


Thanks to Tim McLeod for our cover story on thriving in recovery. Of course it’s easier to stay in our comfort zone rather than step out and try new experiences. But life in recovery is about enjoying and connecting. Think of something you’ve wanted to try, do it and have fun.


A very special thank you to our supporters and contributors to Together AZ. We continue our mission of providing our community — YOU—the most trusted resources and we hope we are an inspiration on your recovery journey.


Have a safe July!


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