Below are some self-care ideas you can engage in any day of the week. Most of these sober self-care ideas are free or cheap, so try one or two immediately.


Engage in exercise: Exercise is a great option. Try free exercise like hiking with friends or dog, running, or bike riding. Try more adventurous things, like hot yoga, rock climbing, or kayaking.


Spend time with (supportive) family: One of the best parts of having time when you’re sober is you get to choose what to do with that time instead of spending it hungover. One of the top fun activities you can do is spend time with those you love, like your family. Just make sure that you’re investing your time wisely with people who are supportive of your recovery.


Make yourself some healthy food: Cooking for yourself can be really nurturing for the soul. It keeps you busy and your body will thank you.


Try something spiritual: Any kind of spiritual activity will work. For some, that means going to church, synagogue or mosque. For others, it might mean engaging in meditation or reading more books. Find what fills your soul, whatever that is, and do that.


Get snuggles from your pets: Something that’s highly recommended on a self-care list is snuggles with your pets. There is nothing better than getting some love from your loyal pup or  kitty or even less conventional pets. Spend at least 20 minutes a day and you’re sure to feel rejuvenated in no time.


Hang out with sober friends: Time with friends is essential when it comes to your sobriety AND your self-care.


Check out free events in town: No matter where you live, there are typically at least a few free events in town to check out. There is lots to do, even if it might take a little extra research to find the things you actually enjoy doing.


Cozy up for an evening at home: You know what’s a really good time sometimes? Not leaving the house. Chilling on the couch, putting on comfy clothes while you drink your evening cup of chamomile, and engage in quiet time.


Head to a meeting: Of course, nothing says self-care like taking yourself to a meeting, whether your meeting is a traditional 12-step or one of the AA alternatives.


Do something that makes you feel good:  Basically, there are no limits as long as the thing you’re doing makes you realize your true potential in some way… whether that potential includes buying fresh veggies for your Sunday night soup or just dancing the night (and early morning hours) away.


Go to bed early: Get a good night’s sleep. Turn off the TV and other digital devices at least a half hour before going to sleep. Stay away from the news.


Play some games: Games are a great way to spend some time when you’re sober, whether that means playing video games solo or getting together for regular board game nights with your best pals.


Take care of things at home: This might not seem like the most popular form of self-care. It’s a simple thing to do, a good way to spend the time and, as a bonus, you’ll get a great house afterward.


Remember your creative side: Creativity is something you might not think of as a form of self-care, but it’s an activity people love to engage in after getting sober to reconnect with their deeper selves.


Sober self-care is crucial in order to keep your recovery strong. Whether you choose one of the activities above or something else, don’t forget to do some self-care daily.  (Source: Irina Gonzalez,