By Barbara Nicholson Brown


What will be new for you in 2022? With the beginning of a new calendar year, are you ready to go to where your imagination can take you, to follow your heart?

This time of year many of us make resolutions for various reasons; from getting more exercise, or cutting back on sugar; and maybe for some the time is now to take the giant first step to sobriety. On New Years I’d announce it was time to stop destroying my life; but within hours that promise was broken, and the longer I used, the less it took to send me over the edge.

I’m so grateful to have stayed the course of recovery. A few important lessons I have learned along the way are: Every day counts. Life is uncertain. I can do my best but cannot control any outcome. I have a choice to be negative or positive. I have all I need, no matter what I think it is I want.

Maybe getting older is mellowing me out. Since I don’t know how many chapters are left to write; I want each day to be meaningful. I’m blessed in more ways than I can count. I choose to be the best woman I was meant to be, because it’s less about me and more about you; less of what I don’t have; and more of what I do. 2020 and 2021 have been tumultuous and scary. Together let’s continue our trudge on this magnificent road of recovery. Wishing you happiness and peace each day of this New Year. And always follow your heart.