The journey of our recovery is never ending. A few weeks ago I stepped outside my ‘norm’ and spent an intensive week at an Inner Path Retreat for women at Cottonwood Tucson, facilitated by author and therapist, Rokelle Lerner. Imagine, five days away from all of the distractions…. from cell phones, laptops, iPads, to television.

Innocently enough, I thought I was just taking a deeper look at the grief I’ve experienced since losing my husband….. yet so much more unfolded. As my heart opened and I became vulnerable, a sense of safety crumbled my protective walls. Gradually, eight women of different history’s and backgrounds connected. Each of us at crossroads in our lives, ready — and yes, a little frightened to move forward.

For some, it meant letting go of the past, for others it meant believing in oneself, becoming empowered and strong again, or making huge changes and taking quantum leaps. We laughed, cried, shared, and related in a way I did not know was possible. The beauty of it was being on the path of self knowledge together.

From this experience I’ve learned my life will continue to reveal itself as long as I remain open to personal growth.

I am beyond grateful to Ms. Lerner, everyone at Cottonwood and my seven new lifelong friends. Each of you have helped me take another step toward the freedom that recovery promises.  Stay on the path!