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Recognizing Trauma in your Clients How do I recognize if trauma is playing a part in the behavioral health concerns my patients are experiencing? First, it is essential to understand...

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A Bit of an Obit

By Coach Cary Bayer A major reason so many people put off doing what they want in their lives is because they think they have so much time left...

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Last Call?

Dr. Evan specializes in relationships, personal and professional empowerment, compassion and consciousness. 602-997-1200, 602-571-8228, [email protected] Doesn’t life seem a bit ass backwards as my dad use to say?  As...

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Living Disconnected

The relationship between Eating Disorders, Addiction, and Trauma By Tanja Haaland, LCPC, Clinical Director, The Meadows Ranch Eating Disorders are a mental illness that affects an individual’s ability to have...

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“I make choices that evolve me” By Jolene Baney I jumped out of a plane  few weeks ago… on purpose. And while many people have skydiving on their bucket list,...

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Code: Red

Helping others from Summer Heat In anticipation of what could be its hottest summer ever recorded, the Code: Red Summer Heat Relief has begun. The program, which will run through...

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