The Power of a Hug

There’s no denying the power of a hug. If you’ve ever said you’ve felt starved for touch, you’re actually not far off. The same areas of our brain satisfied by eating are also satisfied by human touch, including hugs.

A hug helps us bond with others and experience a sense of safety, comfort, empathy, and calm, qualities many deeply craved during a time of uncertainty.


What is the Power of a Hug?

Hugs served an evolutionary purpose to help us know who and who wasn’t safe. While most of us aren’t being chased by lions, tigers or bears, we experience plenty of day-to-day stress. It can be therapeutic, helpful, and healing to have safe people to turn to for hugs, comfort, and care.


Improved Immunity

Hugging may keep you healthy! In one study,those who received more hugs generally got sick less often, and, when they did, it was less severe.


Better Cardiovascular Health

Hugging is good for your heart and physical health. One 20-second hug had the effect of lowering participants’ blood pressure in the moment, including after their partner had left the room..


Give hugs, get hugs.