By Barbara Nicholson-Brown  


This month, people from all walks of life in recovery celebrate their successes across the nation. (

Sharing our stories connects us to each other with a common thread. And, we never know who might need the glimmer of hope our story provides.  Addiction is a disease of isolation — those who continue to struggle need to know they are not alone. Storytelling helps reduce the stigma that continues to surround this disease with a clear message — Recovery is Possible. Recovery is Real.

Thank you to Erik, Andrea, Chris and Lindsay for publicly sharing your recovery story with us. You are inspirations!

In the coming months Together AZ will expand our focus on our younger population. Kids of all ages face numerous challenges and pressures, from mental health issues, anxiety, to addictive behaviors. By providing informative articles and resources, family members can connect with treatment, resources, and services to begin the recovery journey. (see page 6)

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