Everyone is going through a rough time right now with mixed emotions of uncertainty.
This is the pivotal time of your recovery that you need to be in the present and be able to
reach out to others that might need your support as well. Be an Inspiration to move forward
just knowing it can help you along the way. By talking and sharing can only help you through
these times and not to be alone. Friends, Family and you support system is just a phone call
away to make the initial effort of reaching out for help.

Many times our mind just gives up and this allows your emotions to set you up for failure, even
relapse or the feeling of lost, loneliness or abandonment that you felt in the past. Remember
you can’t fix or change your past actions but you can learn and experience new things along
your journey of sobriety. There are moments that you done consistently as excuses and self
sabotage to make you justify about your actions. Now certain things have changed in your life
by believing in yourself and realizing as you recover your not in this alone. There is help
everywhere you look, resources, sponsors, group meeting, chats and more.

We all are experiencing the same COVID-19 on different levels of Stress and Anxiety. Some are
effected more than others but, by knowing this you are prepared to accept and use your focus
on what’s important to you. By being Sober you will have clarity and be able to handle
situations more clearly and patiently better than when you were an addict. There will be times
that you might feel there is no answers but you can not look to others for them its deep inside
of you. By writing, talking and meeting online with others This can help you stay stronger and
also help you through those rough times. Letting go of meaningless moments allows you to
accept happier and positive things in your life.

Be that person that prevails over all by not just helping you but others. Reach out to those that
need your moral support, find a sponsor, go to your meetings and feel that you are getting out
of your old past routines and moving forward.

No one said it would be easy, if it was …everyone would be addiction free with no worries.
So this is the time when you need to reach out for help when needed. Set aside your pride and
just know you have support all around you. Set up your support system with a sponsor or a
friend, or on the phone or face time. By being in the present and realize whatever is happening
in the world today you have no control of the outcome, your only control is over you and your
emotions to be sober and clean. That one slip up or relapse will put you in a tail spin leaving
you in despair. Stay strong and believe that anything that comes your way that you feel
uncomfortable with that your confident way of knowing not to act on impulse for a temporary
fix that won’t solve anything. Try going to a drug rehab in Phoenix for help with substance abuse.

I always say “Get out of your head” it only leads to the same negative results because that’s
where you feel comfortable. Staying in the present might be new and scary so it can be
challenging even to a point that when changes occur you will start to find happiness and self

1. Keep your mind busy, this will help you stay positive and getting out of your old way of
2. No more excuses, this includes the COVID-19 remember your not alone everyone is in this
together, so we have to act on it wisely and with a clear mind.
3. Find a resource- whether its AA-NA – Rehab – Sponsor- Friend -online classes again talking
will help you feel better and once you say it verbally it seems your mind accepts you being
sober and clean.
4. Don’t Panic or Stress- Easy for me to say but its true. No more impulsive thinking just find a
way to express your emotions or feelings by journaling or writing a blog to help others.
5. When you feel stressed say CANCEl- CANCEL in your head or out loud what ever feels
right, it might sound silly but your mind will shut off those negative urges and allows your
mind to stop and be aware and it will move forward.

Lastly, stay informed and interact with others no one wants to feel excluded so reach out to
others around you to help them even thou they don’t ask.
Staying calm. Stay Sober and take this time to read, journal and take time out for you!

Written by Pattie Freeman – http://www.rehabhypnosis.com/