There is always something new to discover about staying on the recovery road. On this journey the awareness we gain never ends, if we pay close attention. The goal is not to get from point A to point B. The recovery road is often bouncy, overwhelming and frightening, especially when we’re newly sober. I was told to fasten my seat belt — and to get ready for a wild ride. When I heard that it scared me, what was I in for? 

Curiosity about how this sober way of living worked puzzled me at first. When I asked others who were in long term sobriety how they did it, everyone suggested I needed to become teachable, humble, accountable and willing to learn a new way of living. If I truly wanted what others had I would need to change. They offered hope and I know they meant it.

As one of the many “works in progress” on this road — I’m grateful my Higher Power saw a reason to keep me here. Today I have my health, friends, family, and colleagues that mean the absolute world to me. 

Thank you for trudging this amazing road with me.