We are in a Crisis

As I was about to write this month’s Publisher Note, the news feed below came across my screen…so whatever I was going to write doesn’t matter at this moment—this does:

New reporting on opiate overdoses finds 15 deaths last week

PHOENIX (AP) – The first real-time report on opioid overdoses in Arizona show 191 suspected overdoses and 15 deaths last week.
If the death count remains steady through the year Arizona will nearly match the 790 opioid overdose deaths counted in 2016. Overdose deaths have increased by nearly 75 percent since 2012.

The weekly count released Monday (June 26, 2017) is the first since daily reporting requirements for overdoses were ordered by the state Department of Health Services earlier this month. The department was authorized to boost reporting under an emergency order issued by Gov. Doug Ducey.

Medical providers and emergency workers also must report uses of an overdose antidote and babies born addicted to opioids. There were 18 babies born showing withdrawal symptoms and 102 uses of the antidote.

This is our 21st century plague. It takes lives without warning; destroys families and communities from East to West.  It is deadly. It is heartbreaking.  Awareness and education are tools to prevent and treat this alarming trend. Keep the dialog open, please.

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