Through most of my years as an active alcoholic and addict, I used to wish I was from a different family, that’s the problem I thought! The disease was in my genes and — I inherited it.

So most of my 20’s and 30’s were spent running from one drink to another, one city to another, trying to escape the mess I was creating on the way. It wasn’t very often when I didn’t blame someone, someplace or something for the misery I felt and Victim was my middle name.

Gratitude — was a word I was completely unfamiliar with. When you look at life through the eyes of a blamer there isn’t much to see. Darkness, shadows and despair, and those who really knew me either gave up or knew I was in trouble and pain but did not know how to help.

The amazing wonder of recovery, sobriety, a clear head and heart is — now I just want to help someone get on this path with us. It’s truly a gift to be where I’ve landed. I’m healthy, happy, sober, surrounded by support and love. Does it get any better than this? I bet it does — and know it will. I wish this for all of us in 2016. One day, one minute at a time.