This past week, I’ve been quarantined with Covid. Did I love it? Hell no! I wanted to be able to do all the things I usually do—being still is not something that comes easy to me.

While I am grateful my case was mild — it knocked me flat on the mat for the first few days. I realized trying to fight it seemed futile. There was no choice but to ‘let go’ and ‘let it runs its course’. I was forced to practice patience; get rest, more rest, stay hydrated and oh yeah rest! It gave me time to practice love.

This is a temporary twist and turn in life and there will be more to come… because that’s life. For ever changing life. All I needed to do is stop long enough to see the gift here, and practice love.

I’ve had more time to meditate, catch up on Netflix and sleep without the alarm. More time to write and reach out to friends. More time to LOVE my sobriety, my Higher Power, our journey of recovery together.

Stay safe please; this “thing” is not over yet. We need to stay mindful and respectful of each other’s space. Stay in if you’re sick, go back to Zoom 12 step meetings if you must, find a way to stay close to each other with some distance.

We all have a wonderful life ahead. We need each other — and we need each other healthy.


Happy Love Month from Together AZ


– Barbara