By Barbara Nicholson Brown

Yay it’s over, 2020 has finally ended! Even as we gear up to a new slate, many of us are left feeling confused, empty, stressed, or exhausted — as last year has been one of the most challenging in current history.

The global pandemic has taken too many lives and livelihoods to count. It also led to a mental health and addiction crisis. Many people consumed more alcohol than normal, or turned to drugs to try and soothe their pain, confusion, fear or loss. As with all difficult challenges, devastations and hardships, its been said, comes growth, new beginnings, and strength.

For those who have slipped out of sobriety or who have given up in recovery, a new year means more than having only one chance to begin again. Each day is another opportunity to get it right. With a commitment to living a day at a time, asking for help, a willingness to take suggestions and realizing our past is not our future, recovery is possible.

2020 will always be in our rearview mirror and whatever we encountered in last 365 days, good or bad, take some time to reflect, and cling to a ray of hope for the coming days ahead.

Wishing you all physical, spiritual and mental wellness in the new year, a day at a time.

Barbara [email protected]