Coronavirus Cannot be Cured by Drinking Bleach or Snorting Cocaine, Despite Social Media Rumors

If you ingest cocaine, you’re going to get very high; if you drink bleach, you’re going to get super sick — and if you do either of these idiotic things and come in contact with the novel coronavirus, you’re still likely to get COVID-19. Health officials across the country are trying to stop these truly horrible “tips” for seeking avoidance of the coronavirus on social media and Instagram, where  memes are now viral, and conspiracy theories are throwing out all kinds of bogus “cures.” “No, cocaine does NOT protect against COVID-19,” France’s health ministry tweeted on Sunday, in response to  memes suggesting otherwise. “It’s a highly addictive drug that causes serious side effects and is very harmful to people’s health. If you are taking cocaine, please seek professional drug and alcohol rehab.” says the Health Minister.

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