By Cary Bayer


“I’ve seen many resolutions made by people on 

January 1 forgotten by January 4.  

I’ve also seen many such resolutions made on 

January 1 become realities by March 1.”

January 1 is the national day for bowls and goals, a day that some team is on its way to become the number one gridiron program in college.  It’s a day for football and a day for fantasy. I say fantasy because, without commitment, a clear plan and coaching support, the resolutions many of us make on that day — whether to lose a lot of weight or make a lot of money — are merely pipe dreams. As for the coaching part, one can coach oneself, but professional sports teams have seen that player-coaches have a hard time doing both. You can be a great player on the field, you can be a great coach on the sidelines, but it’s very challenging to be both.

As a full-time personal and business coach for 18 years, I’ve seen many resolutions made by people on January 1 forgotten by January 4.  I’ve also seen many such resolutions made on January 1 become realities by March 1. The difference is in the commitments, and the willingness of a person to be coached to make those dreams come true.

Suppose your resolution is to double your income in half a year. This exciting goal requires commitment, to say the least. Observing the universe, the great physicist Sir Isaac Newton discovered what he called the Law of Inertia: “When no outside force is acting upon it, a body in motion tends to remain in motion and a body at rest tends to remain at rest.” It seems to me that this principal applies equally in the world of human behavior. 

The key to Newton’s law is the premise: “When no outside force is acting upon it.” It makes no difference if you view your life as a body in motion or a body at rest; unless you introduce an outside force — the resolutions to change your behavior, your waistline or your bank account — you will not likely make much impact. That’s because the habits that created the condition you’re experiencing on January 1, that you want changed will still be alive and kicking on January 2. One “outside” force you can introduce is commitment. Another outside force is coaching. Introduce both and your chances of succeeding are magnified enormously.

So how do you double your income? One thing is clear: only a new seed yields a new crop. Your attitudes have been with you since childhood when you learned through osmosis the money psychology of your parents, an education that took place over some 20,000 meals eaten together. To double your income you must at least double your magnetism. That’s not likely to happen unless you raise your enthusiasm, your vibrations and your energy, and overturn your family money patterns. You must become a bigger person. When you consider we use a tenth of our inner potential, this is very attainable growth.

As a coach, my job is to show you how to keep the pilot light that you lit on January 1 aflame as the days peel off your calendar.  My job is to show you how to stretch who you think you are, change what you say about yourself, and realize big breakthroughs in your worldly achievements. When June 1 arrives and you’ve completed 10 biweekly sessions, you have the breakthrough in your bank account that you wanted on January 1. A breakthrough that was created by the transformed person you became in the process–and by commitment and coaching. 

On January 1, one college football team will be number one. Use that day to start your process of becoming number one as well.

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