By Dina Evan, PhD

March is a birthday month for me. As I look back across the years I am amazed I never thought about the fact that one day I would be 78. What a hoot! I’ve learned so much in this lifetime, thanks to all of you, my kids, my clients…actually, I know what you are thinking and you are right. I have learned something from everyone whose life has touched mine. However, I do wish someone had asked me while I was in my 20’s, to consider this question I am going to ask you today.

Imagine standing at the edge of your next life time with a gorgeous sun rise starting to break through the clouds and the question you hear is… What is the most important thing you want to get or give to this next lifetime, and how will you do that?

That’s right, we get to choose and it’s not too late, no matter how old you are. Most people think, “If I don’t do something great, it’s not worthy.” Okay, so what is more valuable, building the tallest building in downtown Phoenix, or stopping to tell that little kid sitting on the side lines, who has only two dresses to wear to school, that she is beautiful no matter what she is wearing?

Or, telling that little boy he may not be tall enough for basketball but he could invent the next computer! In fact one of those kids may be one of the main reasons you came here, so don’t miss the chance. They both may end up doing something wonderful in the world simply because you told them
they could.

Your existence here is like a radio wave. What you put out, ripples out and touches everything nearly 30 feet out from your body for the better, or
depending upon your level of awareness, not so great. Change the channel. And some of you will empower what comes out on that wave that is negative.
You get to decide. You are actually very powerful and most of you don’t even realize it.

When I was in fourth grade I had the most fantastic teacher. Of course, I didn’t realize this tiny lady was magical. She wore her hair in a bun atop
her head, long dresses and heels that tied up, you know, the kind you see in a vintage store. She was always stern with the kids and they all seemed to be afraid of her. One afternoon in Phoenix, when it wasn’t quite as hot as usual, she came to sit beside me on a bench on the playground.

I was always alone because making friends was dangerous and embarrassing given what was going on in my home. She quietly sat beside me and said
“When are you going to stop pretending you’re not smart?” I was shocked and speechless and not sure I heard her correctly. Clearly, she had noticed my emotional withdrawal from everything including fourth-grade. “I know you are not having a great time at home but I also know the only person who can decide who you will be in your life, is you and I see something very special in you. So I want you to start ignoring what anyone else, including your family thinks and get going on the wonderful things I know you will accomplish.

Do you think you could do that?” I nodded. I was still in shock trying to integrate what she said, but what she said rippled through me like a gift from a parent I never had and my attitude changed just from her few minutes with me. Her message was one of truth and it changed my life. It doesn’t matter what the truth is, it is a force of nature. What could happen if each of us just said or did one compassionate or good thing to someone in the world each day? Can you imagine how much that could change the world and the energy we are living in right now?

Please join me and make a commitment to do just that. Let us know and hear about the results from your effort. We would love to hear about the changes you are creating and I think you will be surprised about how profound they are. Let’s make March a miracle month. You in?

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