Scottsdale Recovery Center has added the Genesis Life Float Therapy Pod to help clients learn to relax and adjust to being in treatment for drugs or alcohol.

Why Float?

Float tanks do more than allow people to relax, here are a few benefits:

• The body releases endorphins, causing a feeling of well-being and helps fight cravings.
• As sensory input is reduced, clients can focus on the internal issues that lead to harmful behavior.
• Dopamine levels increase, reducing anxiety and depression.
• Experience relaxation and wellbeing without substances.
• The brain produces theta waves, enabling people to reach into their subconscious, where addiction begins.
• Lowers cortisol levels, reducing symptoms of stress.
• Soothes feelings of anxiety, depression, and fear
• Naturally creates chemical and metabolic balance
• Relieves chronic fatigue, headache and migraines, and alleviates sleep problems
• Opens self-consciousness, expands mind clarity and creativity.
• Improves physical fitness and appearance

Flotation tanks put you into a weightless and sensory-free environment, and allowing you to meditate easily. Many people use tanks for meditation, using breathing techniques and focusing the mind to relax the body.

Stress Relief –
Relaxes the mind, helps the brain produce endorphins like serotonin and dopamine.

Meditation –
Meditation is linked to improved mental health and discipline. It’s commonly used in addiction treatment alongside mindfulness. Studies show mindfulness-based meditation programs can significantly improve addictive behavior, reducing the chance of relapse in people who continue to

Mental Discipline –
Sensory deprivation requires you to be alone. Like meditation, it builds a certain amount of mental discipline.

Taking Charge –
Before each float session, it is recommended to have an intentional plan for meditation. Once in the pod, focus on letting go of all of the desires
associated with addiction and meditate on positive habits and goals. Genesis Life Float Therapy was created and founded in China and is Certified by NASA. The concept of Genesis Life Minerals floating spa capsule (LGV) completely mimics the cradle “womb” breeding environment of human life. The spa tank itself is like the mother’s womb, the energy of the water is like the amniotic fluid of a womb. It adjusts the depth of immune system,
circulatory system and endocrine system of human body through the way of energy wave.

Uniqueness of Genesis Life Float

The unique feature of Genesis Life is the Genesis Life Raw Water, containing more than 106 kinds of earth elements and a wide range of trace minerals essential for the human body. Through skin absorption, Genesis Life Mineral Raw Water elements permeate the whole body, providing immediate
care and an auxiliary therapeutic effect. The heart rate slows, blood pressure and muscle tension decrease, breathing pattern slows and deepens, brain waves shift into low frequencies, and the body restores into a state of calm.

The 45 minutes of floating are equal to a deep sleep for eight hours. No matter how tired, stressed, or tense is the body, its vitality is quickly restored and the body reaches deep physical and mental relaxation, and complete calmness.

While the jury is still out on whether flotation tank therapy helps with addiction treatment, it certainly doesn’t hurt. This is not addiction treatment. It is a supplement to cognitive behavioral therapy or a full treatment program. Floatation pods have numerous benefits which can help get through withdrawal and into recovery, but they are not a treatment on their own.

For more information contact Chris Cohn at Scottsdale Recovery Center at (888) 309-3385 or visit