Br Dr. Dina Evan

Ho Ho Ho! Thought I’d start this column with a few of those because this era has brought so much stress and so very few ho, ho’s, we could use a few right now. It has also fine-tuned my antenna with reference to the importance of real in my life. Even with the people I love the most, I find superficial agonizing. I feel myself yelling inside, “Don’t you know we are running out of time, and this moment is precious. Stop the busyness and come connect with me.
Let me hold you and tell you how loved you are, what you have contributed to my life and my character.” Maybe it’s because I am old or ill, but it feels as if every moment should mean something, but the truth is I have always felt that way, because ultimately, we all get to this place where we look back to see what we have accomplished and what there is yet to do. We don’t need to wait until the end of our lives, we can do that each year, in fact, we can do that each day.
This feels like a perfect time to pause and reflect on this past year, to remember both the challenges we have overcome and the missteps from which we may still be learning. We can look at our promises made and broken, our intentions left unfulfilled and those we fully fulfilled. We can look at the times we were terrified, but still, took a deep breath and stepped into every challenge and great adventure. And equally as important, the times we stepped back in doubt, forgetting the Universe always has our back.

So how do we get to real? 

For me, it’s about telling the truth, even when it’s not comfortable or it reveals a flaw in us that we are working on. It’s about staying attentive and present to the things we may not want to know or hear — and understanding that by doing so we are pushing our souls forward into being who we really want to be. Real is about being flexible and open to possibilities and probabilities without compromising our integrity or truth.
Being present doesn’t have to mean we end up always somber or serious. It can also mean we are filled with outrageous joy and happiness and are willing to embrace it fully without holding back, releasing the fear that we will lose it if we don’t hold on tightly. I promise you that right behind that next challenge there is always another moment of unbridled joy if you are present and awake.           

Life unfolds, moment by moment, in the present. But so often, we are not in any of those moments. We are either dwelling in the past with regret or shame, or future-scaping with worry and fear. We lose time as we allow it to rush past unnoticed and lost. We are squandering the precious seconds of our lives as we worry about the future and ruminate about what’s past. “We’re living in a world that contributes in a major way to mental fragmentation, disintegration, distraction, decoherence,” says Buddhist scholar B. Alan Wallace.
So my point is that maybe this, isn’t a time for presents, but rather a time for more presence. It’s a time to do more, to love more, to conquer more fear and be profoundly present to our purpose and path. It’s a time to express our appreciation to those who have chosen to dance with us in this incredible experiment. That way, at the end of every year we can look back and say, I did what I came here to do and I became who I came here to be.

Think about it! 

Nothing is more important and that is why we have put up the tools and the exercises you need that will help you in addition to our video series. Now most of the time when you read that line the next one is how much it costs. Well here is our present to you, IT COSTS NOTHING!
We ask only for your time and commitment and the promise that you will join us in helping to wake the world up by sharing the information with those whom you love. It’s our present and presence to you and we give it with great joy and love.

Just go to    Happy holidays to all.