Savor the Precious Moments

The longer I am on this earth, the more I realize the importance of savoring the moments — they are passing by too quickly. This year was filled with many gifts, starting with a deeper commitment to my recovery, followed by new friendships; a stronger bond and connection with my sister and brother; a trip abroad, yet along with all the highlights, there was the loss of four friends, who I loved and cared about deeply. One moment here, the next not. The people who are new in my life and those I’ve lost — have all helped and guided me on my recovery road.

When I drank and used, the only people who mattered to me were the ones who could buy or supply the drink or drug that I craved. Friends and family who knew me in those days called me a loose cannon, a walking target for something really bad to happen, and somehow I was spared my life. I was given one more chance to get it right at exactly the right moment. Too scared to live or die, with “outside” help (perhaps my biggest precious moment) I leaped into sobriety head on.

I’ve said it before, the first commitment I ever made and kept has been to sobriety. Through all the good, bad, sadness, grief, laughter or love, I cannot stay sober without honoring that commitment every day, night and minute in between.

We’ve all heard when the student is ready the teacher arrives. To my teachers, I am grateful. I’ve learned from you the meaning of integrity, honesty, ethics, morals and truth. I’ve learned how to listen, forgive, and have compassion. I’ve learned gratitude is more than being thankful, it’s way bigger than that. Thank you for allowing me to fulfill my purpose on this amazing journey we are on together.

Happy Holidays.

This issue is dedicated to the memory of my friends
Ben Gallaway, Bob Maynard, 
Christopher Kennedy Lawford and Bill Forrest.  
Thank you guys for being in my life and for the precious moments.