By Dina Evan, PhD

This is the month for giving thanks and for many it may seem harder to feel thankful. The people having to rebuild lives and homes now still under water in many states, or many in Washington are feeling so separated from their own values they can hardly speak. I too am sad, even when my mind knows I have had an incredibly blessed life, not with material things, or wealth, but rather, like you, with doing what I came here to do and being who I came here to be.

Living on purpose, values, and an inner sense of connection with something bigger than ourselves — embracing the pain that shatters our souls into splinters out of which we build our cathedrals. We do it, chose it, to push our souls forward.

As an example, I have been so fortunate to find doctors who are present, compassionate and kind. I had to go back  for my monthly visit with my pain doctor. He’s a precious young family man who is awake, present and kind. As usual, we spent ten minutes talking about my prescriptions and then time talking about the world and what we are doing to try to make changes. He and his wife are bravely teaching young people in their church about relationships and I shared the videos we are putting up on my site that he had been watching, and invited him to use the material in his work. In that place of awareness — we were one.

When these kinds of connections take place, the energy in the room softens. It stills and vibrates differently in a deep sense of connection that arrives as if we had known each other forever. There are few, but deeply precious, people in my life with whom I share that magic. They stop whatever they are doing and show up, because they want to connect in that sacred space that says I care, we care.
They stop rushing to, or from, anything. They tell the truth. They express the kind of love that sustains us and is so unbelievable it can’t be contained with a description.

I left that office and sat in my car and wept for nearly fifteen minutes with the realization that nothing less that these connections have or could ever fill my soul or feed my spirit. The rest is mundane and unsatisfying. It leaves me longing for more.

That’s when it occurred to me, it is these conscious connections for which we get to give thanks.

Maybe when you get older like me, you realize your time here is limited, you know that only that which is real, matters. However, the millennials and young adults are getting these concepts so quickly and deeply it astounds me, like this precious doctor, my producer, and thousands around the world.

Looking for ways to fill up my time bores me, anything except knowledge bores me. None of which is to say I am spiritual, but rather, I simply feel the realization that walking for forty years on the path with these courageous people, who bare souls to heal the pain they carry so they can replace the pain with their purpose and calling. It’s a miraculous act of such courage that nothing less that their same level of bravery can or should be lived through my actions and service. They deserve that from me, because if I dare to ask it of them, they dare even greater to give it.

And so ….
This Thanksgiving, take a moment to thank the masters who sit across the table from you in your life. They came to share your journey, shoulder the responsibility and the joy and most of all to reflect back to you, your great courage and wisdom in choosing this path, at this very difficult time. Being real and conscious isn’t always easy, however, it’s it is vital to your evolution, as vital as your next breath. This my beloved readers, is what I mean when I say, “When you change inside, a world event takes place outside. Just breathe and know you are building cathedrals and fulfilling your purpose, and that’s what you came here to do. Give thanks for that and know I give thanks for you for giving me another place to fulfill my purpose.

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