I do not want to write this piece, but I must.

I believe people who come into our lives; whether for a short time or a long while – arrive for a reason. And, there are those special ones we connect with on a soul level, in a deeper way, just like ‘family’.

Friendships, if truly authentic go through ups and downs, from spats to forgiveness, belly laughs and tears. The years go on and what develops is a bond between human beings. We help each other, we listen, call each other out when things go awry, challenge one another and accept one another. We focus on the lessons they bring us rather than the flaws. Each of us is perfect in God’s eyes, and that is what counts.

A month ago, on September 27th, my dearest and closest friend for over 20 years took his life. The Why’s will never be answered. The questions I’ve asked myself since, from “what did I miss, to why didn’t he let me know, I could have helped,” — spin in my mind, and it hurts.

It hurts because it is final. It hurts because he is gone. I’m angry, sad, and confused. I miss him and pray he will find peace.

To my best friend Bill, you were loved by many and you touched my life in ways I will cherish and remember all of my days till I see you again.

Peace my friend, may you find peace.

Let’s be honest with our feelings 
without shame or fear of being judged,
We must ask for help when 
we don’t want to,
If we feel hopeless or powerless 
or alone in this world, 
please, please reach out. 

1-800-273-TALK (8255)