Inspiring Success on the Road to Recovery


Meet Greg Williams

Shining a Light on RecoveryFrom Addict to AdvocateIn just a few weeks, Saturday, September 17 to be exact —The Art of Recovery welcomes Greg Williams to Arizona for the 11th...

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Which Rehabs are Legit?

By Jim Kreitler, CEO, Calvary Addiction Recovery Center There are many factors to consider when choosing or referring to an addiction treatment program. Is it safe? Are their business practices...

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Dear Millennials

You are the future. You have opportunities to cure cancer, have a huge impact on poverty and income inequality, save our environment, reduce crime and incarceration and so many other...

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Are Arizona Addicts for Sale?

By Jim Kreitler, CEO, Calvary Addiction Recovery Center Florida and California have well-earned reputations as states where addiction treatment programs play fast and loose with ethical guidelines, regulatory requirements, and the...

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