Who Are YOU?

Dr. Dina Evan


“Look around every day to find a simple, yet meaningful way to add love, connection, and support to the energy on this planet.”    It’s up to us.


Things in the world may feel weird because things ARE weird right now. We hear of war in so many places, people experiencing political differences, health issues and stress on budgets. We are experiencing many hardships not of our own making: from weather, companies down-sizing and closures, party and affiliation differences and the strains on our relationships. This is a deep breath moment, an important time for all of us.


What is your spiritual purpose?

In every moment of this life we are being asked a huge question which many of us never hear. The question you have heard from me before.… What did you come here to do?

We are living in a precious time in the stream of life and the question is more important than ever. The entire planet is in an uproar. And the answer is not out there. It’s right inside of you, probably sitting quietly next to your heart trying to get your attention. Let’s give it some.



Can you imagine what the world might be like or how it might change if love and respect was the leading emotion for all of our actions? Such a simple thing with huge worldwide results! It all starts simply with your intention to change something or someone with your loving kindness and attention. Look around and find a person who needs some support or advice that will change the direction of their life for the good.

Sounds pollyannish? Perhaps it is to some, but not to an employee I worked with years ago who had withdrawn and was considering suicide. I watched her for almost a week as she withdrew more and more. She was kind and loving, so I knew something was wrong. Her husband had asked for a divorce — she was devastated and admitted having self-destructive thoughts. She had filled a prescription she thought would end her life. So, we talked, and I made a deal with her to connect and talk every day until she felt safe. She honored her agreement and her feelings of wanting to escape — passed.

We all come here having mutually agreed upon, or having independently decided on, a purpose. Then we spend our life, depending upon how awake we are, fulfilling our purpose which is what gives us the joy in having chosen this incarnation and doing the work we came here to do.


This is an incredible time to be alive

Things are changing in our world faster than we could have ever imagined. People all over this country and planet are coming to the realization we are in for wild ride of great importance. This is not about ego or accomplishment, it is about awakening to an acceptance of authentic love for every kind, color, and creation.

It’s not who you love, it’s how you love, and if you are adding to the growing awareness and acceptance necessary to change things for the future and the good.

You chose to be here at this time for this purpose, and you will hear about families uniting again after years of estrangement. You will experience amazing open-hearted acceptance because we are finally getting to the awareness that unless we begin to live the principles of loving without prejudice and division, we cannot sustain life as we know it.

It is the most important part of our job here on earth.

Look around every day to find a simple, yet meaningful way to add love, connection, and support to the energy on this planet. It’s up to us. We are the changemakers! And isn’t that what you came to do and who you came here to be?

No one needs to give us permission to do what we came here to do and be who we came here to be. No one except the spirit in you.


Dr. Evan is a marriage, family, child therapist and consciousness counselor. http://www.drdinaevan.com 602-571-8228