Waking Up

By Dina Evan, PhD


What is this crazy, unpredictable time here to teach us? Consider it’s teaching us who we really are. It’s teaching us we cannot just expect any elected official, corporate head or employer of a major company or even the heads of our families to be responsible for our personal growth or happiness. We are in charge creating and being who we came here to be. So how do we do that?


I believe it’s all about waking up

And sometimes it’s a bit jarring because we don’t always realize how asleep we have been.

The first step is to ask “Do I even know who I came here to be or what I came here to do?” Trust me, I am living in an 81 year-old body and it’s never too late to continue learning; because you get to start out your next life with all the tools and realizations you’ve gained from this life, worth the effort. To help a bit, I put together some suggestions that might be helpful along the way.

Think about the people you most respect, admire and wish you were more like. That is your spirit speaking asking you to step into your power and begin developing those wonderful traits for yourself — you can do it.

When or if, you start doubting yourself you can simple, say to yourself “Cancel, cancel” and that tells your brain to not store the last thought in your brain as a permanent belief. For all of you Doubting Thomas’s that I love to surprise with some of my far-out but incredibly effective beliefs, just lookup cancel, cancel, and see the science on it. While you are there look up 108 for 108 days. That will tell you how to instruct your brain to accept and retain positive thoughts that soon become your automatic responses.


Ideas to start with now

Watch what you do and say and make sure it is in alignment with who you came here to be. Catch yourself and correct yourself when possible.

Always tell the truth, from an “I” space and in a kind way — always be truthful. People may not always like hearing your truth, but they will respect you for telling it in a kind  way, and will appreciate you for respecting them enough to be honest.

Keep a record of your progress and your “works in progress” Start a journal or a “Pushing My Soul Forward” book. It will become your personal growth journal.

Insist on doing what is right, not just what is easy. Growth is not always comfortable at first, but it gets easier with every good choice.

Never abandon yourself, your truth, or values for someone else. The more you stand up for what is right the easier it becomes for others to do the same.

Grow emotionally, consciously, and intellectually every day no matter your age.

Understand there is only one of us and we are all a part of that one. No matter your color, language, heritage, gender, politics, spiritual beliefs, or the number of times you have fallen down and had to get back up, THERE IS ONLY ONE HUMANKIND and we, each of us, has got to decide what we want that to be and do our personal part stopping the prejudice, separation, pain, and injustice we are now living with. YOU are incredibly important to that process!

Persist in changing your personal world, and the whole world for the better, one simple decision and act at a time. Remember, you did not come here to shop on the online or at Trader Joe’s. You came here to make a difference. Step into your purpose — that is where your joy is waiting.

Please know I am here to help when you get stuck. I am always willing to have short conversations between clients for free to help anyone get unstuck. After all, that’s what I came here to do, and it is part of my purpose. So let’s change the world together.


Dr. Evan is a marriage, family, child therapist and consciousness counselor. She has presented nationwide seminars and workshops, written several books and created meditation CDs for couples, individual and mental health professionals. Visit drdinaevan.com or call 602-571-8228.