Interrupting Addiction for Sobriety

By Barbara Nicholson-Brown


There were so many times I tried to stop being an active participant in drinking and drug use —  but the most I could stay away from anything mind altering was a few days, and no more than a week. The substances had complete power over me, something I never realized until a few months sober. It was too shameful and painful to admit the truth to myself or anyone else. The little breaks taken between hangover and hangover only made the next time out much worse. As time went on, this vicious cycle became a way of life. I’m forever grateful I hit bottom. To succeed in anything, sobriety must be my number one top priority — every day. As long as I’m sober, staying close to my Higher Power and in gratitude, I have it all — all that matters for today.


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During this month of love, take some time for yourself to jot down what you’re grateful for. We need to love ourselves too, because love comes from within and shines out to others. Love is all there is.


Thank you to Brandon Lee and the team at  Art Of Our Soul for sharing your hearts and inspiring art with us.