By Barbara Nicholson Brown


While we still continue to face challenges for the health of our population, at least the world slowly opened up to us this year. We were out and about, but more cautious; and while we connected  — by elbows instead of hugs, at least we could see each others eyes above the masks.

Times are so different than they were a few years ago, and accepting these ever changing situations can be difficult. But what has not changed for me is the hope I feel. Hope has the power to give us the strength and optimism to embrace another day in our recovery. Without hope, its impossible to think where I would be.

In February after receiving my first vax shot, it felt like I had won the lottery. That same day (mask on) I attended my first live 12 step meeting in over 11 months, and I was home. The best ingredient for any addict or alcoholic is connection — not isolation.

This holiday season, if your doubtful or discouraged, reach out to others and ask for what you need. Stay away from triggering people and situations. Hang on to hope and your sobriety. Life is the most important gift we have been given. We are blessed if we are here and blessed to be clean and sober. What could matter more?

Happiest of holidays!


– Barbara