By Barbara Nicholson-Brown

I’ve never been the most patient person in the world, yet the pandemic has taught me be still when I most wanted to move about. With all of the unprecedented changes we faced in 2020, to be safe, healthy and alive has been worth the wait.

Being still…. forced the lessons I needed to become more grateful, quiet and introspective. It heightened my connection to my higher power —because that is where I know I’m safe. I didn’t turn to drink or drugs to ease the isolation, fears and unknowns.

Like you, I found new ways to connect and stay in touch with my tribe. And like many others I miss what was, wondering what lies ahead. But I can’t jump too far ahead — I have to continue to practice, practice patience and stay with the gift of another moment.


A very big thank you to Dr. Valerie M. Kading of Sierra Tucson for our feature on postpartum depression and the pandemic. To all of our contributors and advertisers, Together AZ would not be here without you. We are honored to work with you as we all inspire others for a successful journey on the road to recovery. Stay safe and healthy.  Barbara   [email protected]