After years of drinking and drugging, when I surrendered I had no idea what would happen. I heard everything from, it’s a day at a time, commit to showing up to 12 step meetings, keep my mouth shut, ears open and be accountable. It was all foreign to me. 

I am grateful now, I was so panicked with fear — because not only did I listen, I followed the suggestions put before me, I was too scared not to. I realized I was not the only one on the planet with this disease.

It was suggested I read one particular book, a few paragraphs at a time. Then it came to writing and journaling. The real work began when it was time to look deep inside and reveal on paper who I was and what I’d become. It was a hard look in the mirror.

It was difficult to start the process because I still wanted to blame the outside world and people in it for what I’d become. But this inventory was not about them, or the world, it was about me. Once I started the “homework”, the pen flowed on the paper. After sharing it with my sponsor — that’s when recovery began. Through years of being sober I’ve learned there will always be work to do. I still have character deficiencies that need fixin’, but for the most part, I’ve shed the old skin and stepped into my authentic self.

Wherever you are on your journey, I cannot emphasize enough to stick with it, stick with the people who are strong in their recovery. From them, we learn how to do the next right thing. There is tremendous power of love and support from our fellow travelers on this road. Ask for help when you need it and give it to others when you can. In gratitude,

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