Let’s pretend this year you get to have anything you want that is not a material gift. 

What would you want? 

A face lift? A dog? A trip? A partner? More years of sobriety? More true and faithful friends? 

Or perhaps, in these days of having to protect ourselves from the all the energy that seems so divisive and hostile…we might just want a loving presence in our life, you know, someone who sees us clearly and loves us exactly as we are. Not many of those out there huh… especially in this age of duck and cover. 

However, my belief is — the path to true spirituality right now. True spirituality comes in as many forms as there are people. God as we perceive Our Higher Power, Him, Her or The Energy to be. That may mean when you want to see Spirit in color when you look at a flower. If you want to see Spirit in flight look at a bird. If you want to see Spirit with power, you stand beside the ocean. 

In fact, a person who professes no belief in God at all may still be very spiritual because he or she is highly principled or is one who loves and respects the inherent beauty of the earth. And yet, if you want the most important spiritual thing you will ever find in this life, the thing you really came here for, you may have to look in the mirror, because the person you have been searching for all your life is you.

The Authentic You

I am not talking about the you who goes to meetings, or stands in front of the office staff giving meetings. No, I’m talking about the authentic you that knows beyond the shadow of a doubt you’re here for some bigger reason that you have not yet found. You know that something is missing and that something is you. And here is the key! 

Everyone in your life is a master trying you help you find yourself! Okay….. now you may be a bit ticked at me after this next part but I’m going to give you a real gift if you sit with it — before you judge it. And don’t rush. 

I am not asking that you change your life it the next 10 minutes. I’m asking you to find the gift that you have been looking for starting now, this year, by becoming more aware.

Look at who you surround yourself with. If they are people who do not show up for you, you are not showing up for yourself which is why you keep going back to them. They are trying to show you something about yourself. If they are people who lie to you, or others, you need to sit down and ask yourself what am I lying to myself about — and get honest. The truth is amazing and healing so don’t be afraid of it. If you keep looking for someone who will take care of you, you are denying your own power and refusing to take care of and parent the child inside you. 

If you are angry or mad at a parent because you think they didn’t give you something you needed or wanted as a child, I bet you are not giving that same thing to yourself right now. 

Want respect? Respect yourself. 

Want power? Embrace your own power and stand up. 

Want love? Start with loving you. 

You deserve it and are worth it and if you don’t feel you deserve it or are worth it, you’re probably mad at everyone for not taking care of you and giving you what you want or need. That will be true especially if you’re trying to be their best friend and are giving them all you’ve got…unconsciously hoping to get just a little something back, that is seldom forthcoming. 

Here is the Gift 

YOU are an incredible human being and no one else on this planet can ever take your place. And you will be disappointed if you let anyone try or let anyone take care of you, as if you are not capable or a child, that is disempowering. You came here in the first place to help change the world and be the great person you are inside and the moment you let that happen, all the longing, searching and disappointment will disappear. And what will be left is the real, powerful and amazing you.