When you’re in recovery, it’s so important to take time to focus on yourself. There are many people who make the mistake of focusing on rebuilding relationships first, more than focusing on their recovery. The following guide will walk you through boundaries you need to set to better your chances of a healthy recovery.

Set Boundaries with Unhealthy People

It’s important to realize toxic relationships can greatly impact your sobriety. Many people make the mistake of thinking they only need to limit interaction with drug users. This isn’t always the case, though.

There are many people in recovery who find that they need to cut certain family members and friends out of their life in order to get and stay clean. Determining who is an asset to your life and who isn’t doesn’t have to be hard to do. 

Toxic people you need to cut out of your life will:

  • Put you down instead of building you up
  • Constantly bring up negative things from your past
  • Encourage you to use drugs or alcohol
  • Instill fear in you
  • Make staying sober more difficult

If anyone does any of the things above, consider removing them from your life. If you are fearful steering clear from them will make waves in your other relationship minimize the time you spend with them until you barely see them at all.

Set Boundaries with Exposure to Temptations

Temptations won’t just disappear because you are clean and sober. People in recovery often assume that they can fight off temptations with will power alone, which more than likely will not work for a long period of time.

Addiction is a disease you will have to battle for the rest of your life. It’s best to remove all temptation from your life when you are first starting your recovery journey. Avoid going to bars or parties where you know drinking will take place. Have everything removed from your home while you are in recovery, so you aren’t tempted to use. 

If there are any kinds of prescription drugs or alcohol where you live the temptation may incease. If others in your home are required to take certain medications, kindly ask them to lock the medications in a safe or lockbox.

Set Boundaries on Stress in Your Life

One of the biggest boundaries you may need to set is on stress on your life. People often try to fill every minute of their day with activities to try and outrun their addiction. They assume that if they are very busy, they won’t have time to be tempted to use. This isn’t how it works.

When you try to fill every minute of your day, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. For instance, failing to meet deadlines, or taking on too much work can easily send you into depression. It’s best to find a few things you enjoy doing every now and then and avoid situations that are danger zones.

Set Boundaries on Risky Activities

Being in recovery can make you feel like you are on top of the world. Many people feel better than they have in years and it gives them a false sense of security. Some people try new, somewhat dangerous activities because it gives them the rush of adrenaline they used to get when they used.

While you more than likely are healthier and stronger than you were when you were in active addiction, you may not be as strong as you think. You could end up getting badly hurt which could lead to you putting your sobriety at risk. When someone suffers a painful injury, doctors often prescribe pain medications to make the pain more manageable. Many of these medications are very addictive. Taking them could cause a relapse.

Set Boundaries on Your Mental Health

Many people in recovery go through bouts of depression. Some drugs rewire your brain and make it difficult to regulate your emotions for quite some time. It’s important to see a mental health professional on a regular basis to ensure you can handle your emotions in a healthy way. And have a list of names and phone numbers of other recovery men and women. 

Believe it or not, there are some people in active recovery who need to take antidepressants or anti-anxiety medications to regulate their mood. A certified addiction professional can help you and be open and honest with your doctor about your addictive history.

Set Boundaries with Recovery Methods

Another huge mistake that people make when they are first trying to recover from addiction is to enroll in every recovery method they can find. This can be overwhelming and limit your ability to get the most you can out of each method. It’s best to start off with one or two recovery methods at first.

Going to meetings with other people in recovery can be a great starting point. You can hear from other people who have been through the things you are going through or are about to go through. Speaking with people who understand your journey can make recovery easier.

Boundaries are crucial during recovery. While you may be able to let your guard down eventually, setting boundaries at first is important. Talk to others in your group about boundaries they set or wish they had set to better your chances of long-term sobriety. It will take a lot of hard work and effort to get and stay sober, but once you do everything will be worth it.

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