There is an abundance of information online. A successful marketing campaign for addiction treatment facilities should focus on two things: finding people who need services and representing a caring, credible place to convince them you may be the best choice for their needs. Success depends on increasing online traffic, building an audience, and helping people find the right fit for their success in recovery.


Long-Term Results for Rehab

SEO’s role as a long-term traffic source is widely accepted. Loading up pages and posts with keywords won’t immediately place anyone on top on Google. It requires much more, and we have the tools and the understanding to get those rankings. This is not only because we understand how SEO works, but also because we created Cohn Media out of necessity to drive traffic and produce client leads for our own rehab center.


Good SEO Comes From Good Research

Start with what you know about your demographics. In many cases, SEO isn’t about good rankings on the obvious search terms — it’s about finding the best search terms. It may be something more indirect —like people googling “addiction symptoms” or “addiction help.” The world we want to create for future patients is one that finds them, understands them, and accepts them.

Consider this; of all the people who would benefit from addiction rehabilitation services, how many are searching for rehabilitation services? Not many. If your target demographic isn’t there, then your SEO strategy for addiction rehab shouldn’t be either.


SEO Isn’t a Mystery- But It’s Easily Misunderstood

The books, resources, and tools that simplify SEO can make it seem like magic to the untrained eye. Things that overly complicate SEO have largely been put to bed, but SEO has still grown to be a considerable knowledge base that can overwhelm an unsuspecting website owner. At its core, search engine optimization seeks to put the best content on the front page of each search result.


Getting Started

SEO is the sum of many individual components, but successful strategies should have at least the following four pieces, all informed by growth objectives and target demographics:

Keyword targeting, backlinks and domain authority, social media and content marketing


Find Your Keywords

Meet your target demographic where they live. A google search is a union of a seeker and a supplier of information. Being the most qualified supplier means knowing your seekers. What are they afraid of?


What motivates them to look for information? What type of help are they seeking? Answer these and you’ll find yourself with some great keywords on which to center your strategy.

Keywords aren’t magic. Sprinkling them throughout posts won’t float your website to the top of search rankings without composing relevant, engaging content to accompany them. If your content sounds like you’re writing a letter to your target demographic rather than a search engine, you’re on the right track. What does this mean? It’s determining what people are looking for. These are things that Cohn Media can help you with.


Your Domain has Power

Somewhere along the way, search engines realized websites that frequently directed traffic to one another had a higher value to searches than those who didn’t. In simple terms, it’s the value of your website as defined by other websites. If other websites think you’re worth linking to (thereby sending traffic), so do search engines. Those connections are called backlinks, and in many cases they are the most powerful way to develop domain authority. We maintain a network of connected websites that can offer increased domain authority and therefore better search rankings. Access to these resources can be a potent boost to an otherwise-struggling online presence.

Domain authority is more science than art — and is hindered by technical problems with your website such as:

Broken links, slow page load speed, lack of alt attributes on image tags, header or meta tags, word counts and html-to-text ratios and breadcrumbs and navigability. These elements come into play before anyone even reads your content. If you don’t know what some of these are or how to find them in your website, our tools and understanding can help.


Build a Following

As content is developed and attracts readers, they will appreciate the information offered and start to trust your brand. A great way to expand on trust is coupling content delivery with social media. Trust in a business or organization comes from appearing empathetic and authoritative. Caring, but credible. Social media offers the opportunity to do both in a genuine way.

Rehabs with a quality presence on social media are able to increase their credibility by sharing helpful content and engaging with people­ — all while increasing brand recognition. Social media cultivates a public reputation and a record of your interactions. It also offers a wealth of SEO gains:

Follower counts contribute to your site ranking,

Shared posts circulate your content and likely land it on other websites, earning backlinks,

Offers a secondary access point for people searching,

Localizes your content to near your place of business.


Content is King

People crave information and consume it in greater quantities than ever before. Good, high-ranking content needs to be written to readers with search engines in mind. In short — it’s effective because it’s good writing that gives search engines what they want.

Building a library of information for your audience also displays a commitment to improving your community. When it’s clear that the perspective of the reader is paramount for the content, it goes from being strictly informative to inviting. And that invitation may be the push that someone needs to start rehab services.


Rehab Requires Caring Credibility

Appearing as an empathetic authority is the key to engaging a reader and it’s easy to see why. Information that ignores what the reader is experiencing will disengage them and distance them from the brand delivering the information.


We Deliver All of This and More

Rehabilitation services fill an important need in their community and we want it to be easier for them to find the people who need them. Developing and implementing an SEO strategy can be as easy or as robust as you want, but with directed planning and consistency done by a professional this is done easier and with more accuracy.

COHN Media provides passionate, creative writing and distribution, covering the following industries: addiction rehab, health care, entertainment, technology and advocate of clear communication, positivity and humanity at its best. For information or to discuss the content writing services we provide, reach out: or call 1-877-640-6529