On November 1, 2018, First Step Center in Scottsdale, opened it doors to men beginning their addiction recovery journeys. As a sports-themed center with business center amenities, First Step Center offers individualized, effective, and intensive treatment. What makes the clinical staff unique is the diverse experiences and passion each member brings to the facility. The primary mission for the center is to help men afflicted by substance abuse and other co-occurring mental illnesses rebuild relationships with the self and others.

In order to facilitate this mission, First Step Center uses principles drawn from both Alcoholics and Codependents Anonymous. The center also focuses on helping clients improve self-care habits through activities such as yoga, fitness, acupuncture, art, and meditation.

In addition, First Step Center uses a range of traditional and innovative treatment modalities to target and diagnose co-occurring illnesses. Using innovative and evidence-based approaches places First Step Center at the forefront of comprehensive rehabilitation.

First Step Center also offers trauma-informed care. Trauma is often a central component of substance abuse disorders. Trauma work is essential to ensuring long-lasting recovery as it aims to treat underlying issues that may have led a person to using in the first place.


Trauma-informed care that First Step Center offers include:

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy

(EMDR) Somatic Experiencing therapy


For more information, call First Step Center today at (866) 453-9708 or visit www.firststepcenter.com/