Stick With The Winners

By Barbara Nicholson- Brown


When I finally surrendered to the ugly truth about my addictions, little did I know how my life would evolve for the better. Maybe it was the perfect combination of innocence and ignorance, since I knew absolutely nothing about recovery and thought sobriety would lead to a boring existence.


As I began to feel more comfortable and a ‘part of’ — I heard men and women with years of sobriety say “stick with the winners.” I thought that meant someone who had the best car, clothes or job. That wasn’t the point. The winners were the ones who put their recovery first, period! 


Sobriety was not going to guarantee money in the bank or a better job. The guarantee was, if I was willing to do the work, follow suggestions, listen, and trust the process, the gift of recovery would be mine one day at a time.


I’ve been blessed with more than I ever imagined, and I don’t mean stuff. I’m talking about integrity, honesty and commitment. I’m talking about knowing men and women who ‘walk the talk’ and share their hope and experiences, that is priceless. So, stay on the path, ask for help, be of service. Miracles happen.


We are grateful to our contributors this month, with special thanks to Julie Miller, CEO of Valley Hospital for her insights on discharge planning. Leaving a treatment setting can be daunting, but having a well-thought-out plan in place with a supportive team can make the transition much smoother.


Together AZ is committed to providing our readers with the most up-to-date and accurate information on a variety of health and recovery topics. Julie’s article is an important contribution to this effort and we appreciate her expertise.