A Powerful Moment

As clear ever I remember the painful but powerful moment admitting out loud I needed help, that my drinking had to stop. I was terrified…. but I made a 24-hour commitment to try the ‘sober thing’, and now on the 17th, I’ll celebrate 33 years without alcohol or any other substances.

Being in recovery has taught me so much about life and given me the opportunity to live with real purpose. Along the way I’ve made many friends who love and support me and I have a connection to a Higher Power who is always available — no matter what time of day or night I reach out. Alcohol and drugs never did and never will solve any of my problems. Being sober means I show up for real life whether I like what’s happening or not. I’m grateful, humbled and blessed.


A very big thank you to Mike Gurr for our feature, “Treating the Teen Mental Health Crisis” and showcasing the new TMAC (The Meadows Adolescent Center).  I had the opportunity to visit this stunning property, and with the rise of mental health issues so many young people are facing, the timing is perfect for their healing journey to begin in such a beautiful environment.

Special thanks to all our contributors and a big welcome to Desert Star Addiction Recovery Center our newest recovery partner! Visit www.deserstarARC.com and learn about Sojourners, their program for young adults in Tucson.