By Barbara Nicholson Brown


As much as I don’t like admitting I’m getting older, I am.  Which got me to thinking… what matters most? In no particular order it is my health…. physical, emotional and spiritual. Top of the list is my sobriety—always. As we get older we experience more losses and precious time seems to fly by quickly — so now more than ever, each day is another opportunity to live life the best way I can.

In 2022, we heard of more young people who have completed or attempted to take their own lives; the rate of overdoses is still staggering, deadly poisonous drugs continue to flood our schools and neighborhoods, people of all ages are struggling with mental health issues. It’s been a very tough year for many of us, as we faced inflation, Covid is still here, and there’s an aggressive, angry vibe out in the world. Isn’t it time to be kind and gentle, with ourselves and others? Deep deep down I think we just want to be happy.


Each day I get to open my eyes is a blessing. With the help of others I’ve built a strong foundation in recovery, and am blessed with amazing people in my circle. Nothing is greater than the life we get to live right now. Love where you are, and who you are. Happy 2023.