Addiction never takes a holiday from wanting to destroy a life. While this time of year is joyful — for many it’s a time of sadness, loneliness, and isolation — that is a danger zone for me.

I did not grow up with many Hallmark Card moments, holidays at my house were anything but peaceful.

There were family outbursts and tears because of my mom’s alcoholism and I dreaded Christmas Eve the most. The drinking started about noon followed  by BS excuses for her absence. I vowed to never ever follow in her footsteps — little did I know I’d surpass her with my drinking. She found sobriety in 1978, me in 1990, and only then were we able to develop a beautiful mother/daughter relationship until she passed in 2013.

In my sobriety she encouraged me, as did my dad and siblings. I heard a lot of wisdom from them; and the one saying most important to me in early recovery was to ‘take it a day at time’. Those words might seem frivolous, light and airy, but they were, and continue to be some of the most important words I’ve ever heard.

Stay on the sober course!  Reach out and never be ashamed to ask for help.


My wish is we all are blessed with another sober day.


Barbara  e: [email protected]