This was the year unlike any other. We faced challenges and drastic changes to our everyday life, we were told to stay at home, mask up when out in public, we saw less of each other in person, and for those of us in recovery, we found new ways to maintain sobriety through virtual meetings and chats.

Prayers continue to go out to the many who have lost loved ones to this deadly pandemic, the lost loved ones to overdose, suicide or relapse. Many in our nation and across the globe, lost their business, employment, and even hope. 2020 has been devastating on so many levels, sometimes it’s hard to comprehend, all of the illness, violence and division of people.

What have I learned through this? What really matters? Acceptance.What stands out most is I have no control or say about what happens. I do have a say in how I react to the events of life and realize now more than ever, to not take anything for granted. Everyday we have on this planet, truly is a gift.

To all the sober comrades in my life, I am very grateful for you.

Wishing you all a very safe and healthy season….
be safe….. stay hopeful.