Vending Machine in Canada Is Dispensing Dilaudid

Hydromorphone, sold under the brand name Dilaudid, is known in popular culture as the drug most prized by pharmacy thiefs in the 1989 Gus Van Sant film, Drugstore Cowboy. It’s sometimes called “dilly” on the street; it’s around twice as strong as heroin.

Currently, the vending machine is more a proof of concept than anything else. Thirteen people are currently enrolled and a total of 48 can be served by the machine on any given day. To participate, patients must be medically cleared & examined, as well as have their urine tested once a week to measure any potential outside drug use. They also must have a recent history of overdose and unsuccessful prior attempts at treatment. But participants do not have to attend counseling, swear off all other substances or show up every day at a particular.

TogetherAZ does not endorse nor recommend this to anyone! Seek treatment and get yourself sober.

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