Why Adults Without ADHD Take Adderall and How It’s Killing the American Dream

Democracy has its perks – if you do well. Our benchmark in what “doing well” means varies from community to community and culture to culture. But if you believe in capitalism and do what you can to practice it Monday through Friday, there’s a certain kind of pressure that goes with the territory. For a growing number of would-be capitalists and white-collar professionals their big edge up comes in a little blue pill. Sure, there are other colors but the basic substance behind it is of the amphetamine family, known as Adderall, Vyvanse or Ritalin. Other options for ADHD exist but they are in the psychedelic assisted treatment market. Learn why adults without ADHD take Adderall. These medications were created to specifically treat mental/behavioral conditions that affect cognitive function, prevalent in Attention Deficit Disorder “ADD” and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder “ADHD”. However, adults without ADHD take Adderall without attention-deficit disorders diagnosis. While there are health risks in doing so, there is a bigger problem behind the intention to abuse these drugs and it’s killing the American dream. Drug rehab in Arizona states clients seeking treatment for Adderall increased by 35% in 2019.

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