Every July we celebrate Independence Day. And for us ‘day at a time’ folks, we have the opportunity to celebrate our freedom from the addiction bondage of drink or drugs, every day. Waking up sober for the last 29 years proves to me time and again, if I continue to follow direction, stay on the path, help another person, and ask for help when I need it — I’m stronger, and my sobriety foundation becomes more solid.  


When I was “out there”, I really was out there. My reality was distorted and thinking delusional. I wore the “I’m okay mask,” while dying inside. I lied to everyone who knew or cared about me, and even though I knew (and they knew) my life was a sham, I could not admit where drugs and alcohol had taken me. 


Freedom for me today is knowing I do not have to pick up a drink or drug to get through a day. I remember all too clearly how horrible I felt inside and out. All the shame about being an alcoholic disappeared when I came to realize and accept that my disease does not define me. 


When life throws me curves I know intuitively, I have to seek a solution. If I am unable to find one on my own, someone is always available to help me sort things out. It all comes down to how free I want to be. If I choose to live in constant fear, or resentment, well… then I’m stuck. That is why I need to be willing to learn and listen. 


On this 4th, while you watch the fireworks in the sky, think of your recovery too, and how powerful and beautiful it is. I was told long ago, “don’t leave before the miracle.” I’m not going anywhere!